Monday, August 13, 2012

Introducing "The Indie 5"

I was honored to be interviewed by Tim and Claire Ridgway for their book, “Interviews with Indie Authors”. I found the book to be a wealth of resources from independent authors and I learned a lot from them. In addition, the Ridgways donate half of the proceeds to deserving charities in Africa. This inspired me to finalize a half-baked idea I had rolling around in my head.

Therefore, I would like to introduce “The Indie Five” which is a loose collection of indie authors, artists, and musicians that pledge 5% of their royalties to charity. I am pledging 5% of my royalties to Seeds of Literacy in Cleveland, Ohio. This organization does wonders in battling illiteracy in my town.

If you are an independent author, artist, or musician and would like to join “The Indie Five”, simply head over to the Facebook group at and join. There is no binding contract, no audits, and no paperwork. Get a fancy badge for your blog or website. And if you are not earning royalties, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities in our world. I hope to make a difference and I hope you can too.

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