Monday, December 3, 2012


“We created modern society by forging American innovation. It should not be forgotten by anyone—including ourselves.”

Having spent most of my life in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, I proudly proclaim to be Rustbuilt. I come from a long line of hard-working, honest, people that lived simply. The glory of the mills and factories are long gone, but the drive to create is not. There is a movement flowing through the Rust Belt, a tide of innovation like molten steel that promises a return to our former prosperity. Whether it’s the ink master in a custom tattoo shop, a graphic artist hoping to inspire, or a renegade entrepreneur welding ideas together with lines of code, the Rust Belt will not die. We are not about accepting handouts and sucking from the teat of government assistance. We are not victims and we are not weak.

Join the movement. Create. Turn off the television and turn on your mind. Stop consuming and begin producing.

“We have always been and remain the captains of industry. We create things—from steel to machines to technologies to jobs. We built communities and the promise of a better future for families to grow. Our spirit is still alive and we are still innovating. We just need to get organized and stand and be counted. Are you RustBuilt?”

I am.

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