Monday, December 2, 2013

If it all came to an end, what would you do? Lost Track from the world of The Beam.

“We are close to dead…the sense of a long last night over civilization is back again.”
--Norman Mailer

If it all came to an end, what would you do? How would you respond? Where would you go?

Playing with other peoples’ toys is always fun. Writing inside of Sean Platt and Johnny Truant’s world was a blast. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a long time, digging into the serialized fiction of Yesterday’s Gone and Fat Vampire. To be one of the authors contributing to the world of The Beam is truly an honor and I’m very grateful for the opportunity.

Lost Track is a dystopian short story based on a trip I took several years ago. I rode Amtrak from Cleveland, to Chicago, and then to New Orleans. I rode it back home too although every time I visit New Orleans it gets harder to leave that incredible city. I saw the heart of the United States as I spent more than nineteen hours on the rails, passing through small towns and backyards that you won’t see from the interstate. My imagination took hold and I began crafting an escape story from the environment I saw pass by my window. The story stuck in my head for years until I read the first season of The Beam and realized it would make a nice addition to that canon of work. Sean Platt edited the piece to make sure it fit into the story’s broader history. Lost Track takes place a few years before the global meltdown that gives birth to the world of The Beam. The synopsis:
It’s August 2026, and a Category Five hurricane has broken through the NOAA Hurricane Barrier and is headed for the coast of Louisiana. Unaware of the impending doom, Ben tells his girlfriend he is traveling to Cleveland to meet a client when he is really headed to his friend’s bachelor party in New Orleans. After the Big Easy is pummeled by the most destructive flood since Hurricane Katrina, Ben treks north to his home in Chicago through the ensuing chaos, where he discovers that the natural disaster is only the beginning of the end.
I’m thrilled to make this available for FREE. The short story is listed on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $0.99 until they price match it to $0.00. In the meantime, you can grab it for FREE from the following retailers. In addition, if you’re using Google Chrome, check out the Booktrack I made for Lost Track featuring music by Threefold Law.

Before you ride the Lost Track, I’d like to introduce you to Becky Dickson. She is a friggin’ powerhouse of awesome and working with her on this piece was incredible. She kicked my words in the ass and made the story brutal. In fact, if you’re a writer-type you should head on over to her website RIGHT NOW. December 2nd is her one-year anniversary in the biz and she’s offering FREE editing, today only.

Here’s to hoping we’re not as close to dead as Mailer believed. I’ve got free Amazon gift cards and prizes to give away before the apocalypse. Enter below and remember that Holiday Giveaway 2013 is open through December 25th. Free gift cards; no catch.

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  1. Very cool! Looking forward to diving into the book.

    1. Thanks for making it available, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Left a review at Amazon and Goodreads, and sent Amazon the links to where it's free, hope they price match for you.

    2. Thanks, Blaine. I really appreciate that!