Monday, March 31, 2014

I kill people.

I kill people. Not real people, but I do kill lots of imaginary ones. I have a relentless need for bodies to sacrifice to Gaki and the Reversion as well as several more monsters in my head that will appear in my new novels.

Do you want to show your friends your name in a horror novel? Of course you do! It’s simple. You agree to read a FREE advanced review copy of one of my novels (that means you get it for FREE before it’s even on sale) and post a review on Amazon within the first week it’s on sale and I’ll make you a character in one of my future titles. Whether it’s a short story or novel, you’ll be forever immortalized on Amazon and in print. In addition, I’ll list your name in the acknowledgements. I’m calling this the K.I.L.L. club (Killing In Literature with Love).

I’m currently revising the third and final book in the Portal Arcane trilogy and that will be the first novel up for entry into the K.I.L.L. club. Read and review it to get a spot on the killing floor of a future release. Use the contact form or shoot me an email (jthorn DOT writer AT gmail DOT com). Feel free to include anything about your appearance or personality that I can use for your character. It’ll help you prove to your friends that it’s really you. I do not use last names and you have to agree to be represented in the story.

I have to thank my crew in The Keepers for the idea. I offered to kill them in a horrific manner and they could not have been more pleased with the results.

Join the K.I.L.L. club. You’ve got nothing to lose except your life.

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  1. So, can ANYONE join the K.I.L.L. club? Even, say, if they already belong to another rather exclusive club associated with this author? Thx!! =]