Monday, March 24, 2014

Katy is battling cancer. Rally the troops.

Katy has stage IV cancer. She is a young woman in her forties, a reader, a blogger, my editor and my friend. I’m not trying to bring you down and Katy isn’t wallowing in self-pity. She is fighting with a dignity and sense of humor that is beyond imaginable. Katy is a beautiful warrior and we connected as kindred spirits a couple of years ago.

Right now Katy needs your help. I need your help. I don’t take your readership lightly. I know you’re here to be entertained or informed so I won't drone on about fighting cancer. I won’t use a cat video to tug at your emotions and I’m not going to ask you to shave your balls or run a naked marathon to raise donations.

You all know Katy. She’s your wife, your mother, your aunt, your sister, your daughter. We’ve all had someone close to us attacked by cancer or we will. I got Katy’s back. I hope you do too.

Help Katy directly by going to her Wishlist on Amazon. The items on it will help strengthen her during the chemo treatments and take her mind off the fight going on inside of her body.
You can also fight cancer by contributing to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Every year May December Publications (run by my friend and fellow horror writer TW Brown) compiles a charity anthology. The 2014 version just happens to be called, Let's Scare Cancer to Death. 100% of the proceeds from this book go directly to the V Foundation. Nobody makes a penny from this sale. The authors have not accepted anything for contributing to it. We wanted to keep costs low and get as many checks to the V Foundation as possible.

My contribution to Let's Scare Cancer to Death is called Tunnel. It is dedicated to Katy. She edited it. You’ll love it. Trust me. The anthology has a cast of incredible writers such as, Eli Constant, Alyn Day, Heath Stallcup, Gregory Carrico, T. Fox Dunham, Claire C. Riley, Armand Rosamilia, Catie Rhodes, Chantal Boudureau, Mark Tufo, Michael James McFarland, Julianne Snow, Blaze McRob, TW Brown, and Rhonda Hopkins.

Grab your copy here and leave a review with your own reason for fighting cancer so others will be inspired to do the same. Tell us the name of your Katy.


  1. My best to you, Kathy. I hope you must win.


  2. All my best to Katy, I am so very sorry to hear this but I want her to keep her chin up and keep on fighting! The battle is never over unless we give up. I know you'll come out on top my friend!

    From Kitty Bullard & GMTA Publishing

  3. You go Katy! Once again, this makes me wish that health care were more readily available in your neck of the woods. And not just because cancer cures are becoming a real possibility! In the meantime though, you've got a lot of people pulling for you (I can certainly that here), including me!

  4. Great work. I'll definitely be visiting Katy's wish list and sending something.

  5. Go Katy! My prayers for a speedy recovery.

  6. Beautiful post, James. I think Katy is one of the most beautiful people in the world and feel blessed to call her my friend. I'm glad you brought up the Wishlist and will have to check it out though I have already got a couple things in mind I'd like to give her. It doesn't come as any surprise that Katy has affected MANY people the way she has us.

  7. Beautiful post, James. Katy is one of the most beautiful people I know and so thankful to call my friend. Thanks for mentioning the Wishlist, which i will have to check out, though I've a couple things in mind I've been thinking to get her.

  8. Nice one. I hope there's more stuff on the list now. Katy is great, she does so much for authors and that she knew she had cancer for so long and wasn't able to get treatment is just... barbaric. Great post. Thanks.



  9. Great gesture J, I have just sent Katy a gift card as I try to donate in various places for this dreaded disease. I just buried my step-daughter yesterday so I know this monster.